Terms related to shipping from/to oversea

Items to be included in Advance Shipping Notice Mail

To: Users Office (uoffice@spring8.or.jp)
Subject [Shipping Notice] Proposal No., BL, Beamtime
Text Proposal No., Project Leader, BL, Beamtime,
Local Contact (if you know),
Shipping Company, Air Waybill No., Invoice No.,
Return from SPring-8/SACLA: Yes/No/Not decided yet
(if yes, please provide Expected Date, Air Waybill No. for return shipment)
Attachment Invoice
Packing List, SDS, and other Invoice attachments (if any)

 Example: example

ATA Carnet

What is ATA Carnet?

Japan Customs: 7303 Export/Import Procedure Using ATA Carnet (Foreign Carnet) (FAQ: External link)

For ATA carnet shipments, it is recommended to consult with a customs forwarder.
(Please contact the Users Office for examples of customs forwarders that handle them.)
Considering days required for acquisition, early consultation is recommended.
Please note that DHL and FedEx also have options for ATA carnets, but please contact each company to see if they are available.

Outline of other relevant laws and ordinances referred to by Customs

Import Confirmation Certificate (formerly known as “Yakkan-shoumei”)

An “Import Confirmation Certificate” (from Sep 1, 2020) is a certificate issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), after checking and stamping on the import confirmation application form* in accordance with “Customs Clearance Guidelines”.
*Appendix Form 1 of the “Guidelines for Confirmation of Importation of Poisonous and Deleterious Substances”
For research purposes, a certificate is always required regardless of the quantity (website of Kinki Bureau of the MHLW, usually “C-1”), unlike the personal use of medicines (External Link).

How to check the applicability of poisonous and deleterious substances and CAS numbers

The following websites can help you check the applicability of poisonous/deleterious substances and its CAS number (NITE Chemical Risk Information Platform : External link).

  • Select “Search by chemical”.
  • Search by entering Number, Name, or Molecular Formura.
  • If applicable to poisonous and deleterious substances: Described in “Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act” of “Laws and Regulations in Japan”.
  • CAS number: Listed in the “CAS number” column.

Remarks column of Form 9


Outline of export-related laws and regulations to be confirmed by customs

Japan Customs: 5501 Other Export-related Laws and Regulations to be Confirmed by Customs (FAQ: External link)
The Security Export Control in Japan (External link)

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