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Internet Access at SPring-8/SACLA

◆ Internet Access Guide

At SPring-8/SACLA, wireless Internet access is available under the advanced network system established for public use of SPring-8/SACLA.
Please read the following instructions before using the network. (Information below is intended for users who already have their User Card.)

◆ Wireless LAN Specifications

◆ Account: Username and Password

Wireless Internet access requires your username and password.
After connecting to “SSID: SP8-GUEST”, please access the following page to log in to the SPring-8 Wireless LAN System.

  1. SPring-8/SACLA Beamline Users* Conducting Experiments
    Username 7-digit SPring-8/SACLA User Card ID Number
    Password Password you created during the user registration (If you forgot your password, you can retrieve your password through the password retrieval system.)

    * Users who are provided with a User Card and dosimeter upon arrival at the Users Office (incl. users of RIKEN BLs for public use).

    (SPring-8 User Card)

    If you have any questions, call the Users Office at ext. 2225.

  2. Conference/Workshop Participants
    A special guest account is created upon request of the organizers. If you are a conference/workshop participant, please contact the organizers for the account information.
  3. Other (SPring-8/SACLA staff, visiting scientists, users of RIKEN BLs for independent research)
    Apply for a SPring-8/SACLA Wireless LAN account in advance. For details, please ask your local contact for the information.

◆ Network Setup

※Please note that unsupported OS/device will not work properly.

◆ Important Notes

◆ eduroam

The “SSID: eduroam” service is also available in SPring-8/SACLA.
For the ID or Password of eduroam, please ask the person in charge of your affiliation.

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