After Experiment

Patents, and the Other Research Results


Registration of Patent Application/Patent Publication Information

If you have filed a patent on any inventions based on or involving results obtained through proprietary/non-proprietary research (above all, industrial application proposals) performed at SACLA, please report to JASRI after patent application/patent publication. Your cooperation will help us demonstrate to the government and the public that research conducted at SACLA has led to a number of significant results.

the Other Research Results

in addition to the Publications (Refereed Journals, SPring-8 / SACLA Research Report and Corporate Technical Journal), users are required to register the following research results when users have published.

– Proceedings (non-refereed proceedings)
– Review Materials (incl. non-refereed papers)
– Books
– Awards
– Other (master theses, newsletters, news releases, etc.)
– Invited Talks
– Oral/Poster (poster sessions, etc.)

Note: No need to register results published in the SPring-8 Research Frontiers and Experiment Summary Report.

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