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»Billing Information

From April 1, 2021 onward, the method of sending billing documents for the use of SPring-8 has been changed. Please refer to the following for details.
Notification of changing in the method of sending billing documents for facility use

Please provide the information for the organization, to which the billing statement will be sent, by filling out “Information for Consumables” online: go to “Information for Consumables” from “Members/Consumables” (in the menu bar on the top). Required Information:

Name on Billing

  • Organization Name (e.g., SP8 University)
  • Department/Division (e.g., ABC Department, XYZ Division)
  • Addressee (e.g., Prof. Tarow Koukido)

Billing Address

  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Address 1: Country, State/Province, City
  • Address 2: Street Address
  • Organization Name (e.g., Street Address)
  • Department (e.g., ABC Department)
  • Division (e.g., XYZ Division)
  • Billing Contact Name
  • Tel

Contact Information for Billing

  • Email Address
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