Proposal System and Fees

User Fee System

Public beamline users are required to pay the fees to cover the costs of beamline maintenance / operation and consumables actually used (user fees). User fees are composed of a fixed fee charged for wear and tear on the facility and a variable fee.

Fixed fee: 16,080 yen/shift*(12hours), 1,340 yen/hour*

Usage-Based Fee (liquid helium): 7,301 yen/liter*
Stockrooms are closed from 2018B.

[Important Notes]

*Consumption tax included (10%).
4,826 yen/liter until the end of 2022A, and 4,455 yen/liter until March 31, 2022. Please understand that there is a possibility that we cannot provide stable supply of Helium due to the recent situation regarding global helium supply, and please note that the price is subject to change.

The price of liquid helium continues to rise in response to the global logistics turmoil, soaring prices of energy resources such as crude oil natural gas, and further price hikes of various resources following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. JASRI has been seeking a way to avoid the price increase, placing priority on securing the necessary volume so that experiments will not be disrupted. However, due to the unavoidable situation of a large purchase price increase, we will raise the price as follows from the 2022B period.
For users planning to use liquid helium in the 2022B period, please secure a budget in anticipation of the price increase.
In addition, in order to avoid excess liquid helium, please calculate the estimated amount more accurately in the preliminary survey of the required amount. Please be aware that if there is a large difference between the prior survey of the required amount and the actual amount used, you may be billed for the entire amount of liquid helium prepared based on your declaration.

The financial support for non-proprietary beamtime users from foreign organizations is no longer available from 2019B term.

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