Rescheduling of SACLA 2020A and Cancellation of Call for 2020B Proposals (Updated on 3rd July)

SPring-8/SACLA Users Office

27th May 2020
Updated on 3th July 2020

Considering the COVID-19 situation, we will reschedule the 2020A term according to the following policy:

1. The 2020A term will be extended to March 2021. The suspended experiments due to COVID-19 will be rescheduled to dates starting in October 2020.
2. There will be no regular call for proposal for 2020B. However, we will accept some new proposals as additional proposals of 2020A if there is still beamtime available after the rescheduling. (Updated on 3rd July) Additional Call for 2020A Proposals
3. Any 2020A experiments cannot be postponed to the period after March 2021. Those experiments that cannot be carried out by the end of March 2021 will be cancelled.

Because the user operations of SPring-8/SACLA are still suspended, we ask you to refrain your visit to SPring-8/SACLA. The resumption date will be decided and announced soon.
(Updated on 5th June) Visitor restrictions will be removed stepwise as follow the link, “Resumption of User Operation at SPring-8/SACLA”.

Even in the suspended period of user operations, COVID-19 research proposals will be accepted as SACLA Urgent Proposals.
Calls for proposals related to COVID-19

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