Suspension of User Operations at SPring-8/SACLA (Updated on 1st May)

7th Apr. 2020
Updated on 10th Apr. 2020
Updated on 1st May 2020

Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, user operations at SPring-8/SACLA has been suspended since early April.
The suspension period will be extended for a while even after 11th May, 2020. We, therefore, ask you to refrain your visit to SPring-8/SACLA.

Resumption date will be decided and announced following further considerations, including the allocation of a necessary preparation period.

We plan to re-schedule the suspended beamtimes to dates starting in October 2020 at the earliest.
If you have already canceled your beamtime for 2020A before this announcement, it will also be re-scheduled to a period after October 2020.

Cancellation procedures (including guesthouse reservations) will be made by the Users Office, so you do not need to contact us.

If User Operation is restarted before the end of the 2020A period, allocated beamtimes after the suspension period should be conducted as scheduled as of April 10, 2020. So please pay attention to further announcements from us.

(Updated on 5th June) Visitor restrictions will be removed stepwise as follow the link, “Resumption of User Operation at SPring-8/SACLA”.

We are very sorry, but would appreciate your understanding and consideration.

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