Guide for Shipping/Delivery

Shipping from/to Oversea

Since 2024A term, users are required to submit the Air Waybill and Invoice before returning shipments overseas in order to ensure proper export procedures of Japan Customs and the security export control under Japan’s Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act.
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Door-to-door delivery (applicable to both domestic and overseas deliveries)

When you send your instruments to SPring-8/SACLA via delivery service, please arrange to receive these items yourself. Alternatively, if you are unable to receive them personally, you may send them in care of the SPring-8/SACLA Users Office of JASRI. In this case, please write your name and the Proposal Number on the mailing label as follows.

Attn.: Name (of the user receiving the package), Proposal Number,
         c/o SPring-8/SACLA Users Office, JASRI
To : 1-1-1 Kouto,Sayo-cho, Sayo-Gun Hyogo
      679-5198 JAPAN
TEL : +81-(0)791-58-0961
*For SPring-8, please click here.

< Notes (applicable to both domestic and overseas deliveries) >

  1. JASRI cannot be held liable for any delivery problems. Users are responsible for all costs associated with delivery.
  2. Items can only be delivered during office hours (weekdays, 9:00-17:00) in care of the SPring-8/SACLA Users Office.
    If you wish to have your items delivered and picked up after hours or on holidays, please contact the SPring-8/SACLA Users Office.
  3. JASRI cannot be held liable for any lost or damaged packages/parcels. Please note that there are no special preservation equipments (e.g., cool storage) in SPring-8/SACLA Users Office.
  4. On the mailing label, please provide the receiver’s cell phone number where the receiver can be reached at all times.
  5. Do not send expensive, bulky or heavy items, or confidential documents to the SPring-8/SACLA Users Office. Such packages/parcels must be sent to and received by the receiver directly with prior coordinate with courier.
  6. For return shipment: Please note that users are required to arrange their shipment by themselves (e.g., preparing the shipping label/the Air Waybill and invoice, and contacting a shipping company).

List of Samples, Reagents, etc. (Online) : Form 9 [Project Leader]

This “List of Samples, Reagents, etc.” is used to manage experimental samples during the period of their use. Please log in to My Page, and submit this form online at least 10 days before the samples are brought into SPring-8/SACLA. Please provide the name (define abbreviations and symbols), shape, quantity (SI unit), hazards, purpose of all the samples (incl. solvents and gases used for cleansing or storage), prevention of hazards and risk level. Please see the following link for details of Risk Assessments: Please check the box for “No Accompanying Samples or Reagents” if no samples are to be brought into SPring-8/SACLA. If any question arises regarding the safety of samples listed in the form, the SPring-8/SACLA Safety Office will contact and ask the project leader to provide necessary information. Please note that users who bring hazardous materials into SPring-8/SACLA must report to the Beamline Scientist upon arrival at SPring-8/SACLA and receive safety instructions, especially on the use of the chemical cabinet.

Important: The link to this form is not displayed until after the “Application Form for SPring-8/SACLA Facilities” (Form 10) has been submitted.

List of Carry-In Items (Online): Form 8 [Project Leader]

When you need to bring in large experimental instruments for your experiments at SPring-8/SACLA, please log in to My Page and submit online a “List of Carry-In Items” (Form 8) at least 10 days before the items’ arrival at SPring-8/SACLA. The instruments must be tested and confirmed for safe and proper operation before being brought to the SPring-8/SACLA. Note that users are not permitted to bring in any dangerous or regulated items that may pose potential safety hazards.

Note: Before submitting the “List of Carry-In Items”, you must submit an “Application Form for SPring-8/SACLA Facilities” (Form 10). Please notify the SPring-8/SACLA Users Office of any changes via e-mail if you need to modify any details after submitting your “List of Carry-In Items”.

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