Research Themes of Priority Strategy Proposals for SACLA Public Beamlines

The Priority Strategy Proposals are categorized into two groups:
  1. Hierarchical Structure Dynamics of Biomolecules
  2. Pico/Femto Second Dynamic Imaging

Specific research themes for each group:

1. Hierarchical Structure Dynamics of Biomolecules 1-1 Structural Analysis of Drugtargeted Membrane Protein Nanocrystals
1-2 Imaging of Whole Cell and Its Components in the Living State
1-3 Single Molecule Structural Analysis of Supramolecular Complex
1-4 Dynamics Research Combining Single Molecule X-ray Diffraction Experiments and Supercomputer Analysis
1-5 Dynamic Structural Analysis Using Pump-Probe Techniques
2. Pico/Femto Second Dynamic Imaging 2-1 Gas-Phase/Liquid-Phase/Solid-Phase Reaction Dynamics
2-2 Ultrafast Interface Reaction Processes
2-3 Charge Generation/Charge Transfer Dynamics
2-4 Ultrafast Processes under Extreme Conditions
2-5 Dynamic X-ray Spectroscopy

The Priority Strategy Proposal Program is of extreme importance to the SACLA; therefore, its users, RIKEN (installer of the SACLA), and the JASRI (registered institution in charge of user support services) should work in unison to ensure successful implementation of the program.

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