Correspondence to the Clarification of “Deemed Export” Management

Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute will take the following measures in accordance with the clarification of the “deemed export” control from May 1st, 2022.

Among Project leaders or Collaborator Researchers of SPring-8 / SACLA Proposals, users who are employed by a university or a research institute in Japan will be checked for applicability to the Specific Categories. JASRI Users Office will send a Google Form link to those who are applicable.

What is “deemed export”? What are the Specific Categories?

When a foreign national is employed by a Japanese institution or has been in Japan for more than 6 months, he/she is treated as a “resident” and the provision of technology to a resident has not been subject to regulation.

As of May 1, 2022, prior permission from METI is required for the provision of technology to a person who is strongly influenced by a foreign government, even if the person is a “resident”. Persons who are strongly influenced by foreign government are those who fall under the following three categories.

  • (Category 1) Those who are under the control of a foreign government, university, etc. based on a contract.
       (ex. those who are employed by a foreign university)
  • (Category 2) Those who are under substantial control of a foreign government based on economic interests.
       (ex. foreign students receiving funds for study abroad from a foreign government)
  • (Category 3) In addition to the above, persons acting under the direction of a foreign government in Japan.



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