Call for 2020A SACLA Research Proposals for Complementary Use of SPring-8, J-PARC MLF or HPCI including the K computer

1. Overview

We have been launched a program called “SACLA Research Proposals for Complementary Use of SPring-8, J-PARC MLF, and/or HPCI including the K computer” to promote the combined use of SACLA and these three large-scale facilities in Japan since 2017A:

  • SPring-8 (synchrotron radiation facility)
  • J-PARC MLF (neutron facility)
  • • Supercomputers (public computational resource of HPCI: High Performance Computing Infrastructure including the K computer; the same shall apply hereinafter)

This program is an extension of the former “Complementary Use Program among SPring-8, J-PARC MLF and Supercomputers” that has operated since 2014A, and treated under the category of “Non-Proprietary Research”.

You can apply to this program after submitting relevant research proposals to the individual facilities and receiving acceptance. Alternatively, you may submit a proposal if you plan to submit the relevant proposals to the individual facilities in the future.

For information on how to submit your proposal to the individual facilities, please refer to the links below.

  1. JASRI for SPring-8 application
  2. CROSS for J-PARC MLF application
  3. RIST for Supercomputers application

2. Application Method

Please provide the required information in the relevant sections of the on-line submission form provided via the link below:

SACLA UI site:
Top Page > Log in to My Page > Application/Reporting > Proposal Submission > New

  • Step 1 (Type of research): Check “Non-Proprietary Research.”
  • Step 2 (Type of proposal): Select “General Proposal.”
  • Step 3: Check “SACLA Research Proposal in Complementary Use of SPring-8, J-PARC MLF or Supercomputers”
  • Step 4:
    (1)[Complementary Use Facility]
    Please make sure to check the complementary use facilities (multiple selections allowed)
    (2)[Abstract for Complementary Use]
    In the Complementary Use section of your online application form, please make sure to indicate that your proposal is intended for combined use of SPring-8, J-PARC MLF or Supercomputers. Specify research goals, why you require complementary use of facilities, expected results from complementary use of facilities, etc.
    In addition, please make sure to also state the following information regarding SPring-8, J-PARC MLF or Supercomputers applications.
    (a) If you have already carried out experiments at SPring-8, J-PARC MLF or Supercomputers, please state relevant information such as name(s) of facility(ies), date(s) of research, the proposal number(s), title(s) of the experiment(s), name(s)/affiliation(s) of project leader(s), and the research group name(s).
    (b) If you plan to apply for use of SPring-8, J-PARC MLF or Supercomputers at the same time as SACLA, please state application information such as name(s) of facility(ies), date(s) of research, title(s) of experiment(s), name(s)/affiliation(s) of project leader(s) or research group name(s) (including those which are scheduled).
    Please note that we may refer to CROSS or RIST for information about your application for use of J-PARC MLF and Supercomputers, respectively.

3. Proposal Review

Per the explicit indication of proposals applying to this program, peer reviews are conducted for the scientific and technological significance, and the research strategy. Please click the following link for more details:
The proposals submitted to the other facilities will be reviewed independently by JASRI (SPring-8), CROSS (J-PARC MLF), and RIST (K-computer), respectively. An acceptance by one facility thus does not indicate the approval of others, i.e., each proposal will be independently evaluated for each program irrespective of the review results from the others.

4. Contact/Consultation for this program

SPring-8/SACLA Users Office
Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI)
1-1-1 Kouto, Sayo-cho, Sayo-gun
Hyogo 679-5198 Japan
Tel: +81-(0)791-58-0961
Fax: +81-(0)791-58-0965


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