Proposal System and Fees

»Billing Information

Please provide the information for the organization, to which the billing statement will be sent, by filling out “Information for Consumables” online: go to “Information for Consumables” from “Members/Consumables” (in the menu bar on the top). Required Information:

Name on Billing

  • Organization Name (e.g., SP8 University)
  • Department/Division (e.g., ABC Department, XYZ Division)
  • Addressee (e.g., Prof. Tarow Koukido)

Billing Address

  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Address 1: Country, State/Province, City
  • Address 2: Street Address
  • Organization Name (e.g., Street Address)
  • Department (e.g., ABC Department)
  • Division (e.g., XYZ Division)
  • Billing Contact Name
  • Tel

Contact Information for Billing

  • Email Address

Supported by the Government’s treasury, the following proposals are exempt from paying the user fees; so you do not need to enter the information for Billing Organization:

  • Non-proprietary General Proposal submitted from organizations outside Japan* (Untill 2019A)

*Foreign nationals affiliated with Japanese organizations are required to pay the user fees.

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