After Experiment

Check-out Procedure

At SPring-8/SACLA Guest House

Please check out at the front desk in the Guest House Reception Building. The front desk is open on weekends and national holidays as well (closed during the new year holidays: Dec. 29 – Jan.3). Check-out time is between 7:00 am and 10:30 am. At the time of checkout, please return the IC card and vinyl case and make payment in cash or by credit card (VISA or MasterCard only). The room rate are 2,000 yen/night (single), 3,000 yen/night (twin). Call the front desk at Ext. 8181 or 8182 for early or late check-out. Please note that the full room rate is charged for late check-out after 3:00 pm.

At the SPring-8/SACLA Users Office

When leaving SPring-8/SACLA, please return your user card and glass dosimeter and leave the required documents in the return box in the Users Office.

User Card/Dosimeter All users
Secure your user card with the dosimeter clip, and place it in the return box.
Beamtime Report (Form 12 / Online) Project leader
Provide the amount of beamtime, He gas, and liquid He actually used, and comments and requests on the Beamtime Report and submit online.
Beamline Notes Project leader
Fill out the Beamline Notes and put it in the return box (third box from the top).
Beamline Inspection Sheet (Form 11) Project leader
The Project Leader must conduct the beamline inspection after the use of the beamline, fill out the Beamline Inspection Sheet and put it in the return box.

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