Procedures upon Arrival

The location of check-in procedures (including safety training sessions, lending of dosimeters, and issuance of user cards) has been changed from the Main Building to the North Building in August 2014. Details are described here.

Check-in Procedure

Before visiting SPring-8/SACLA, project leaders are required to make visit arrangements by submitting online an Application Form for SPring-8/SACLA Facilities. The procedures for research proposals are carried out at the first floor of North Building (Radiation Control Office and SPring-8/SACLA Users Office). The SPring-8/SACLA Users Office opens from Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, except national holidays. (Since the location of check-in procedure after office hours and on weekends and holidays changes with time of arrival, please check the following.) It may take a little longer than expected to complete all the procedures, so please come to the Users Office with time to spare. First-time visitors are required to upload* a jpeg file of a photo of their face for their user card on My Page of User Information or to send the file by e-mail with the user’s name, affiliation, and user card ID No. to the Users Office email address before their visit. Please be sure to inform the Users Office in advance in case of any change in the arrival date/time provided on the submitted Application Forms for SPring-8/SACLA Facilities.

How to upload the photo file for the user card

[Check-in Procedure after Office Hours and on Weekends and Holidays]

  • Visits between 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm on weekdays & 8:30 am -7:30 pm on weekends and holidays
    Location: North Building (Radiation Control Office)
    (1) Please be sure to inform the Users Office in advance in case of any changes in the arrival date/time provided on the submitted Application Forms for SPring-8/SACLA Facilities.
    (2) First visitors in fiscal year requires to attend safety training session.
    *Please keep in mind that the final session of safety training is 6:45 pm-.
  • Visits between 7:30 pm – 8:30 am on weekdays and holidays
    Location: Guard House
    (1) Please be sure to inform the Users Office in advance in case of any change in the arrival date/time provided on the submitted Application Forms for SPring-8/SACLA Facilities.
    (2) Safety training session is not available.

[Procedures at the North Building]
a) Safety Training Session
Users are required to attend Safety Training Session on the first visit in each fiscal year (from April 1 to March 31 of the following year) as part of radiation worker registration process at SPring-8/SACLA. After that, your hand-written signature will be required on the completion of training and agreement of Rules for users on the Radiation Worker Application Form (For External User / Supplier) that you submitted. Please note that you cannot attend a safety training session after office hours and on weekends and holidays unless so specified on the submitted Application Forms for SPring-8/SACLA Facilities.

Safety Training Sessions for first visitors in the fiscal year start at predetermined times, as shown in the table below (the session duration is about 30 min as before). Take note of the start time of the final session (6:45 pm).

Start time of Safety Training Session
 08:45  11:15  15:15  17:45
 09:15  13:15  15:45  18:15
 09:45  13:45  16:15  18:45
 10:15  14:15  16:45
 10:45  14:45  17:15

b) Lending of SPring-8/SACLA Dosimeter (with RFID tag)
While at SPring-8/SACLA, users are required to wear a dosimeter provided at the Radiation Control Office to measure the amount of radiation exposure.

Radiation Control Office will check whether users, not only first visitors in the fiscal year but also return visitors, have brought a dosimeter provided by their home institutions upon their visits. Users who have not brought a dosimeter are not allowed to enter the SPring-8/SACLA radiation-controlled areas and may not be allowed to participate in or carry out experiments using SPring-8/SACLA beamlines. Please make sure to bring a dosimeter provided by your home institution. (Users affiliated with overseas institutions are exempted from this rule.)

The measurement results will be sent to the radiation protection supervisor provided on the Radiation Worker Application Form (For External User / Supplier).

Please wear the dosimeter where it can be seen at all times during work in radiologically controlled areas. In case of damage, please be sure to inform the Users Office immediately.

Whenever you enter or exit the radiologically controlled areas, place your RFID tag over the reader; it automatically keeps a record of radiation worker entering and exiting the controlled areas, which is required by law, and the door will be unlocked. Dosimeters are for on-site use only, and cannot be taken off of the SPring-8/SACLA property. Please do not separate your dosimeter and RFID tag since they are managed as a set.

c) SPring-8/SACLA User Card
The Users Office issues a photo ID card for first time users. If you visit the Users Office during office hours, you may have your photo taken there.

The SPring-8/SACLA User Card is used to ensure that the user has completed user registration and radiation worker registration. It also functions as a door key and allows out-of-hours access to the Main Building and the Storage Ring Building. To get inside, tap your card on the card reader. To get out, simply unlock the door (no need to unlock automatic doors). Please put the card in the card holder provided at the Users Office and always wear it on your chest.

You must not lend or transfer your card to another person. User cards are for on-site use only, and cannot be taken off of the SPring-8/SACLA property. In case of loss or damage, please notify the Users Office immediately.

d) Cafeteria Card
At the SPring-8/SACLA Cafeteria, payment has to be made by a rechargeable prepaid card.

Please follow the instructions below to load money onto the card by using the machine located just inside the cafeteria entrance (If you don’t have a card, skip to Step 2):

Step 1. Insert your card into the machine,
Step 2. Insert a bill/bills into the machine,
Step 3. Press the button showing the yen amount you want loaded onto your card, and
Step 4. Your card is released from the machine.

If you encounter any problems using the machine, ask cafeteria staff for help.

e) Documents (required of Public Beamline users)
Project leaders should be provided with the following documents upon arrival. Please submit all the forms before leaving SPring-8/SACLA.

List of Documents to be Submitted
Beamline Notes*
Beamline Inspection Sheet (Form 11)
Stockroom Card

*This document is used to show the experiment status of each station. During the experiment, please post it on the notice board located at each station following the Beamline Scientist’s instructions. When the experiment is finished, return it to the Users Office. Please provide the Guest House extension number of each member.

**Eligible users only.

• Check-in at SPring-8/SACLA Guest House
Please check in at the Guest House Front Desk between 4:00 pm and 10:00 pm. Please contact the Users Office in case of change or cancellation. For late arrival after 10:00 pm or last-minute cancellation, please contact the Front Desk at +81-(0)791-58-0933 (Ext. 8181). Please note that late arrival without notice may result in cancellation of your reservation.

• Visits by Car (Vehicle Pass Procedures)
Users coming to SPring-8/SACLA by car need to have a vehicle pass request. Please download the request from the Required Documents page and fill out all the required information well in advance of your visit.

When you get to the Main Gate, please provide identification (employee/student ID card, driver’s license, etc) and submit the completed vehicle pass request to the guard house to receive your vehicle pass.

During your stay, slow down/be ready to stop and show your pass to the security guard when approaching the Main Gate, so the guard will know that you are granted access to the SPring-8/SACLA site. Please make sure to leave your pass clearly visible on the dashboard at all times while parking in the SPring-8/SACLA site. If your pass is lost or damaged, please contact the Users Office immediately.

When you leave SPring-8/SACLA, please do not forget to return your pass to the guard at the Main Gate.

• Safety Office Check
The Users Office contacts you in the case where you bring into SPring-8/SACLA radioactive materials (with an activity not exceeding the maximum allowed by law) or samples containing uranium/thorium, which require the safety office check or special registration. When you come to the Users Office, please notify us if you have such materials/samples and go through the safety office check. If the safety of experimental samples and devices has been confirmed with the submitted documents, the safety office check is not required.

• Visits for Experimental Setup
When you need to visit SPring-8/SACLA for experimental setup, please contact the Beamline Scientist in advance and send an Application Form for SACLA Facilities (Form 10) to the Users Office by email or by post. The form is available for download from the Required Documents page of the UI site. Please note that you may not visit SPring-8/SACLA unless the form has been submitted.

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