Change of Visit Type on Application Form for SPring-8 Facilities

At SACLA, some instruments can be operated remotely in selected types of experiments. To simplify the registration procedures for radiation workers of such remote operators, the “Radiation Handler” procedure was initiated. In addition, it has become more common to contribute to experiments online through web conference systems nowadays.

Following the variation increase in the participation styles in experiments, the classification of users depending on the participation styles becomes important to manage user visits. Please fill out and submit the ”Application Form for SPring-8/SACLA Facilities” with the indication of participation styles for each participant before the experiment according to the following guide.

Please apply according to the type of use.

[Onsite (at SPring-8/SACLA)]
On-site: Visiting the SPring-8/SACLA and participating in the experiment
*Normal visit procedure (Registration procedure for radiation worker)

[No visit]
Remote Operation : Connecting remotely to operate experimental equipment
* For remote experiments (remote control), a simplified procedure called “radiation handler” has been set up. For details, please refer to “Application for Remote Experiment User”.
* Pre-registration is required to conduct remote experiments (teleoperation). Please contact the beamline scientists and check if your experiment applies to the remote experiments well in advance starting the registration procedure for radiation workers or submitting the Application Form.

Online: Connecting to web conference tools with “Visit” or “Remote Operation” users in the beamtime (e.g., Teams, Google meet, Zoom), online data analysis, etc.

* If you plan to connect to the SACLA HPC for online data analysis, please contact the Beamline Scientist, and for Form 10, please select “Visit,” “Remote Operation,” or “Online,” according to the type of participation.

Consultation on Remote Operation and Online Participation in experiments

Please contact the beamline scientist (JASRI XFEL Utilization Division).

Guidelines for the Remote Access to Experiment Control Terminals at SPring-8/SACLA

Contact for Submitting Documents

Contact						Ext. No.	E-mail address

SPring-8/SACLA Users Office +81-791-58-0902

Contact for the Radiation Handler

Contact					 Ext. No.	E-mail address

Radiation Control Office at RIKEN Harima Safety Center
For registering radiation workers, +81-791-58-0904
For radiation training, +81-791-58-0904

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