Proposal Application

Proposal Review

[SACLA Research Proposals Review Criteria]

Research proposals of a wide range of scientific disciplines shall be fully peer-reviewed and then selected under the criteria outlined below.

Proposal selection should be based on the Science and Technology Basic Plan and other related national policies while balancing international cooperation and competitiveness. Furthermore, proposals contributing to training researchers should also be noted.

  1. Scientific and technical relevance (One of the following criteria shall be fulfilled.):
    1-1 The proposed research is of cutting edge scientific and technological value (i.e. innovative and pioneering) or expected to contribute to opening up new possibilities of SACLA and must meet either of the following criteria:
    a) Expected to make a significant scientific contribution.
    b) Expected to contribute to increasing industrial use.
    1-2 The proposed research has social significance or will contribute to the social economy.
  2. Necessity of SACLA as a research tool.
  3. Conformity to the Science and Technology Basic Law and social norms: the implementation of the research proposal is appropriate in light of the Law and socially accepted ideas, e.g., the implementation of the proposed research and the use of research results are exclusively for peaceful purposes.
  4. Technical feasibility.
  5. Safety of the experiment.
  6. Proprietary proposals shall be reviewed under the criteria 3 through 5 above.
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