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Windows 10 Network Setup

Step 1

Click the Windows key. and Settings.

Step 2

In the SETTINGS window, click the Network and Internet icon.

Step 3

Select Wi-Fi and click, If the Status is Off, click Turn Wi-Fi On.

Step 4

Select SP8-GUEST and click Connect.

Step 5

Type the pre-shared key* in the text box, and click Next.

* The pre-shared key is available at the Users Office/Guest House Reception desk.

Step 6

Click No.

Step 7

Open your web browser (e.g. edge, IE, etc.) and go to SPring-8 website (, and you will be prompted to the login page of the SPring-8 Wireless LAN System. Enter your User Name and Password, and click Submit.

User Name: 7-digit SPring-8 User Card ID number

Password: password you created during the user registration

After successful authentication, you will be redirected to your original destination.

You should now be able to use a web browser, email or any other application that requires a network connection.

If you have trouble connecting…

Select Proxy and click, If the Status is ON, click Turn proxy OFF.

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