List of Safety Training / Texts of Safety

■List of Safety Training related to an experiment at SACLA

Users must take the following safety trainings as necessary before
they perform their experiments at SACLA.
Please refer to the link below for details regarding the procedures.

Category Procedure Deadline Project Leader Team Members
Radiation Worker Registration Submit the original form 5-1 by post At least 10 days before you visit to SACLA
To temporarily bring in the Laser to carry out experiments at SACLA Submit the original form 24-1 by post At least 14 days before the laser is brought into the site
To carry out experiments using the laser installed in SACLA Submit the original form 24-2-2 by post At least 10 days before you visit to SACLA
Liquid Nitrogen To sign up for a training class, contact JASRI Safety Office
(2nd floor in the A Central of the Storage Ring Building)
Before use liquid nitrogen
The texts of safety
Please read through the following texts.

Required documents for Procedure: ◎=Necessary, ○=If applicable

◆The Texts of Safety

These texts provide, in order to ensure the safety of research conducted at SPring-8/SACLA, health and safety knowledge and the rules for the facility users engaged in chemical & biological experiments.
Manual for handling chemicals (second edition)
Manual for biological experiments (second edition)

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