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Internet Access at SPring-8/SACLA

◆ Internet Access Guide

At SPring-8/SACLA, wireless Internet access is available under the advanced network system established for public use of SPring-8/SACLA. Before using the network service, users must read and agree to the Rules for Use of Information Network.

Please read the following instructions before using the network. (Information below is intended for users who already have their User Card.)

◆ Wireless LAN Specifications

◆ Account: Username and Password

Wireless Internet access requires your username and password.

  1. SPring-8/SACLA Beamline Users* Conducting Experiments
    Username 7-digit SPring-8/SACLA User Card ID Number
    Password Password you created during the user registration (If you forgot your password, you can retrieve your password through the password retrieval system.)

    * Users who are provided with a User Card and dosimeter upon arrival at the Users Office (incl. users of RIKEN BLs for public use).

    (SPring-8 User Card)

    If you have any questions, call the Users Office at ext. 2225.

  2. Conference/Workshop Participants
    A special guest account is created upon request of the organizers. If you are a conference/workshop participant, please contact the organizers for the account information.
  3. Other (SPring-8/SACLA staff, visiting scientists, users of RIKEN BLs for independent research)
    Apply for a SPring-8/SACLA Wireless LAN account in advance. For details, please ask your local contact for the information. In the case where you are already registered as a SPring-8/SACLA user, you can access the Internet with your User Card ID number and password (See 1. SPring-8 Public/Contract BL Users* Conducting Experiments above).

◆ Network Setup

※Please note that unsupported OS/device will not work properly.

◆ Important Notes

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